Sailing is the reason I’ve decided to run a blog for the coming twelve months as a reminder of the stuff I’m going to be up to .  Decisions in my business in 2011 have allowed me to take 2012 to develop new skills and enter a new industry.

Sailing, or more specifically yachting is something I’ve had on my mind as a retirement goal for many years.  Being able to move this forward, to take professional training and hopefully work in the industry seems like an option not to be missed.

Hopefully, this blog will end up full of my experiences and photography I’m able to snap along the way.

I’ll be training with Hamble School of Yachting in the coming months and once qualified to YM Offshore, I’m signed up for a six month apprenticeship with PYD.  This will give me at least 10,000 sea miles in 2012 (considerably more I hope) and a solid foundation to begin a career in Yacht Delivery and possibly teaching.

I’d really like to get involved in offshore racing, but one step at a time I guess!

I’ll update the gallery below with random sailing shots, but will update pages specifically with reports on my progress through training and experience.  Hopefully, there’ll be plenty of interesting vessels to photograph along the way.

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