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When Panasonic launched its series of micro fourthirds cameras a little while ago, I think they must have been reading my letters to Santa.

I’ve always wanted something with the functionality of a DSLR but without the bulk/weight.  Almost all of the shots I take are incidental to an activity I’m involved in.  Carrying a large bodied full DSLR I’ve always thought would prove restrictive. The dimensions of the Panasonic DMC-GF1 I’ve found to be perfect.

I was a little concerned about the amount of support and development this format would get, but it appears I was not alone buying into this format.  There is an ever-increasing number of quality lenses being produced that are compatible with this body.

I’m currently using a 20mm (40mm 35mm equiv) fixed length pancake lens as my primary lens with a 45-200 zoom alongside.  I find the 20mm a truly excellent addition, bright, fast and great quality.

The 45-200 is just a little too large for the body and using without a view finder can be tough.  Although some shots have proved pretty successful with effort.

I’m currently looking at an intermediate zoom.  There are 3 options all ranging up from 14mm and massively differing in price!!


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