BMW G450x DSport Conversion.

This is an ongoing project that will take many months to complete.

Essentially converting the stock Bmw G450x: 

Into a less extreme version of the Speedbrain G450x international Rallye bike.

I’ve owned the G450x for about a year and used it in a two-day rally and some local and Welsh green laning.  Whilst laning with this bike is an utter waste of its potential, I’ve been learning, techniques, technicalities and where my interest lay.

I’ve decided I’m too old for full on Enduro, as a 40-year-old novice I’d get my ass handed to me and probably hurt in the process.  The Ryedale Rally Weekend I competed in back in June was, despite a hellish day of punctures that wouldn’t quit, fabulous and I have every intention of doing more of these. Bigger distances, against the clock over flowing and mixed terrain really suited me.

I also want to undertake some long distance trail riding.  Two spring immediately to mind.  The Trans Pyrenees Trail and also the ultimate Trans America Trail.  Due to terrain, both are more suited to lighter trail bikes than GS type travel bikes, But the G450x isn’t really up to this kind of distance and prolonged ‘away from base’ riding without some mods.

This page will track the eventual conversion of my bike to something with longer legs.

I’ll post links to the conversion as I go along here, although you’ll be able to search for posts under G450x in the main menu also.

1. New fuel tank arrives


2 thoughts on “BMW G450x DSport Conversion.

    • Hi Chris.

      The G450 is currently under covers and hasn’t moved in WAY too long.

      Work and other stuff getting in the way of life. I’d be really interested to keep in touch with your project though. are you documenting it anywhere?

      I still have all my plans for my bike. its not doing any harm parked up, though I hope it won’t remain so for 2015. Worst case, I’m going to have a valuable rare and low mileage version in days to come!

      All the best.

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