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I’ve rediscovered my tunes on this trip. Head phones are a great way to find personal space in a compact space full of people.


BBC News – Timeline: The unfolding eurozone crisis

This was never intended to be a political Blog, but the events in train right now, I want to record for myself.

BBC News- The night Europe changed.

BBC News – Timeline: The unfolding eurozone crisis.

Put into a timeline it makes for really interesting reading.  The stalling, inacivity and latest reactions overnight seem all too little too late.  I doubt any of this is over but worse it shows a total lack of contingency planning from its inception by Euro zone members.

The steps being taken to prop up the Euro were inevitable.  The loss of independent Euro member states right to manage their own budgets was signed away the day they joined.  How could it ultimately be anything different?

‘Cameron’s veto’ (in typical BBC style, no mention of the other members who stepped away) in light of where the Euro lies now and for some time to come is the right one.  We should have confidence in our ability to manage our own affairs.

Let’s see how long the basic premise of the EU as a free trade zone remains alive.