New Fuel Tank Arrives

A rather large box arrived at the house this morning from Adventure Spec.  It contained the Safari 12-litre add-on tank for the G450x.   This tank supplements the under seat primary tank fitted to the bike as standard.

The stock tank is only 8 litres, giving less than 80 miles with a conservative throttle.  The new tank when fitted will give me a circa 200 mile range, enough for my needs.

There are alternate options for fitting large capacity tanks to the G450x.  Essentially either wrapping around the stock tank as an add-on or replacing it entirely.  Both add weight to the already known weak area of the rear subframe on the bike.  Never really designed to take loads other than an enduro rider, the subframe was built to be light, not strong! There is an option to junk the whole rear end in favour of a beefier integrated subframe/tank with higher capacity, but the costs would spiral!  I will also need to carry some kit with me on extended trails, which will be saddle bag mounted to the subframe, so keeping the additional fuel weight away from this area will assist.

Using this front tank has some drawbacks.  Fuel heating (it’s mounted directly in the airflow from the radiator) isn’t ideal and can in some cases create vapour lock, however, as this tank is feeding the primary tank, not direct to fuel pump, I don’t think it will be an issue.

Shifting weight high and forward isn’t ideal in critical or high stress racing conditions.  Either way, the bike is still whippet light, so I will cope.

The contents of the kit covers everything require to fit the tank.  Only thing I will add is a dry break connection in the line to allow me to quickly remove the unit for engine work, without disturbing fuel line connections elsewhere.

I’ll be fitting this in the New year and will post up pics and a report on how it goes.  I’ll be doing the valve clearances, replacing the battery and rewiring the power source for the GPS at the same time, so it’ll be a weekends worth of messing.  I hope it warms up a bit!