What’s the Blog all about then?

Basically my adventures in work, traveling about Motorcycling and Sailing, learning new stuff and seeing the world along the way.

This blog began about 3 years ago as a log of what I thought was a year of upheaval and change in work and attitude to life, Redressing the balance.

Three years on and the plan has morphed a lot.  Outside influences, choices made for me and by me have certainly created adventures.  Just not the ones I had planned.

Sailing and Motorcycling remain solid passions in my life.  that much won’t change!  Everything else it seems is new and it seems right to keep this diary of events.

So, this Blog will remain solidly about logging the ‘traditional’ adventures, but added to this: Developments of my new work life in the exciting Start up that is Myagi E learning. Alongside this the construction of a very different life going forward.


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