First trip.

Leaving largs, Scotland today bound for mahon, menorca.

Storm bound early this week, but set for a fee days favourable wind to drive us to Camaret, France for our first stop.

The boat is a very tidy najad that I think will be a pleasure for the coming weeks.

Weather today is calm and broken cloud.  Warm enough for shorts though, so good enough.

Not had time or a decent keyboard yet to update on the final course module and ym ex, but will do so once back from this trip. 

Will pop some photos up as I head along.


One thought on “First trip.

  1. Hiya JP! Long time my friend….Rob here from the ol’ centresport days….Looks like your having the time of your life pal. Add me on facebook – I live in Hong Kong now – also sailing…..look at my piccys on FB once i add you as a friend. be great to catch -up. E-mail me your details inc phone numbers and ill give you a call mate.

    ‘ Think Pink, Dream Green, & let the Rays be with you my friend ‘

    Robbi Hong Kong

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