Module 3, day 1

The first day of the final push on the course began today.

The objective of the first 3 weeks is to rake up some miles, but more critically to allow us students a free-er rein on passage planning and full skippering responsibilities. From Friday, our skipper will de-boat and leave us to clock up 12 days uninterrupted channel cruising.

Our plans hit snag 1 less than an hour out from hamble with a very sick head sail. So off we popped to cowes for a short sharp repair. All set now, leave in the direction of the Scilly isles at 5am.

Currently holed in Yarmouth ready for a sharp exit to the needles as the tide turns.



Last minute additions

Isabelle heads off to Europe in a couple of days on the bike and plans to get a duplicate Zumo 550 GPS to make life easy fell through.  Seems electronics companies that buy up ‘close out’ stock don’t actually like selling it, or to be more precise confirming when they will deliver.

SO, back to the drawing board to select the original unit we looked at some time ago.  As yet unproven  we’ve decided to go for the Garmin Montana 600 with the bundled 1:50K UK OS mapping.  It looks like the real deal for green laning and outdoor stuff around Europe, but until we get it on the bike with the Navigator software installed for routing, time will have to tell.

As its not a bike specific model, of course the list of stuff needed to fit it adds somewhat to the cost, but mountings from RAM should make installing on the F800 a doddle.

The unit, including all the mountings is being supplied by a great team of guys at   Adventure Spec.  One email, one call, order made and its on a carrier to us for tomorrow.  Easy-peasy and nice folk to deal with too.

Will try and post up a fitting report tomorrow assuming all goes well.

End of coastal skipper module 2.

Beasting week complete, coastal skipper assesment passed without incident. Very positive feedback from instructing team has set the stage for module 3.  Whazzing about in ribs today was fun but I am utterly shattered. 

A week off next week to start preparation for 3 weeks of distance sailing and ym prep, but more importantly, get some sleep! 

Will sort out some pics from the last 5 weeks whilst snoozing.

Oh and just to mix it up a bit, I’ll chuck in a speed awareness course on Monday. Arse.