A relaxing week off. Day two and time to start a catch up.

PYD, Professional Yacht Delivery, the guys I’ll be sailing with from June for six months have already got me booked onto a vessel three days after the course finishes.  No rest of the wicked.

No real details yet, although I assume I’ll be on as mate or hand for this first trip.  The boat, a Najad 405 so starting as I hope to go on with a proper offshore going vessel.

Trip runs from Largs near Glasgow round into the Med and Menorca.  Circa 17-21 days I have been led to expect.  Needless to say I cannot wait!

My PYD deck jacket and polo shirts have arrived.  I’ve been told I can use the jacket (as its very nice) already, but I’ll feel like a bit of a fraud strutting round Cowes in it when I’ve yet to complete my YM! We’ll see!

Things have progressed well to date and though its been overlooked a little, we  (the team of five undertaking Module One) are all now qualified as Day Skippers and have already undertaken five offshore passages acting variously as skippers and hands.

A week off now to regroup, repack and refresh, then back to seven days intense coastal skipper theory….from there?  Straight back on the boats for fourteen days beasting.  Gotta love it!!


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