New camera update.

I forgot to mention that I recently bagged a used lumix G1.

For less than the price of the 14-45 lens I was after, I got that lens and the body, along with a six month warranty. Top service from peter at Wilkinson cameras in Lancaster. 

The lens is every bit as good ad I hoped and as both bodies are compatible, I can swap about as I wish. Finally, I have a system camera!

Equally good is the G1. Panasonic really built some quality into this, their first step into the micro four thirds format.

The addition of more on body controls and the view finder add so much.  It’s still small enough to pack, but the trigger grip should really longer lens for actin at circuits. 

Test pics to come when I finally get to use it in anger!


It’s March, right?

Coastal skipper skills week 1 over.  The isle of wight may as well have been a pacific atol. Weather has been stunning without let up.

Report on events to come this weekend, with some top photo and video.


great sailing images and a tail of an interesting journey


Chorint – Nafpaktos 60 NM

I was lucky to be a part of this fabulous adventure 1 and half-year ago. We had to transfer a 36 foot long sailing boat from Finike (Turkey) to Funtana (Croatia). We made it in 17 days and we left 1142 NM behind us. The route was Porec (Croatia) – Wien (Austria) – Antalya (Turkey) – Finike (Turkey) – Rhodos (Greece) – Kos (Greece) – Amorgos (Greece) – Mykonos (Greece) – Athene (Greece) – Chorint (Greece) – Nafpaktos (Greece) – Corfu (Greece) – Otranto (Italy) – Monopoli (Italy) – Vieste (Italy) – Vis (Croatia) – Murter (Croatia) – Unije (Croatia) and home, Funtana. It was the adventure of my life, the 17 best days ever.

Here is the day 9, the 01.10.2010. Chorint – Nafpaktos 60 NM

North, here we come… the nice weather was over, this was the third day with strong wind and occasional sun. We left Chorint in the morning…

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Back to It

well, that was a quick week!

heading south again tomorrow for Module 2. & days in the classroom followed by 4 weeks on the boat preparing for coastal skipper assessment and First part of Yachtmaster prep. Along with a smattering of other bits and pieces like radar, sea survival and power boat handling.

I certainly need to get my head back into the boat and away from home comforts!!!