Comp crew day three/four

A blowy day at last!

Spent the morning hacking about Poole harbour and down to the sbs base to moor up for lunch.

After lunch we worked our way out into the bay to do some very realistic mob drills in a steady strong wind and big swell.

Late afternoon, just as were all getting frostbitten a rescue chopper turned up and wanted to play!  Lines droppedbto deck, close quarters handling etc. Will post up pics over the weekend.

A very long cold evening tacking back up into the Solent then close quarters handling up the beaulieu river in the dark to pick up a bout over night.


Day 4 we woke to sub zero mist and a boat listing at 20 degrees on the low tide. Once off the bottom, a quick excercise in tender rowing (yawn) then a days motored up to Cowes for the night.

Messed with rigging and some chart work today as we motored about.

A night in Cowes tonight for dinner, a morning tomorrow and week one is over. Whoosh!


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