Comp crew- day one.

After convening with the new gang that will be my shipmates for many weeks to come, we spent Sunday evening in the pub. Naturally the potted histories were opened and a couple of polite beers shared.

Mark, john and abbie share my position as students while Ed is with us in week one to shake into better than incompetent crew. More will follow later on our various routes to the boat and this course.

Monday greeted us with not a breath of wind, cloud that hovered at sea level and water that under different circumstances would have been ideal for water skiing.

A concise shore briefing with ‘chief teach’ James followed by a stem to stern boat briefing put us ready to ‘sail’ by about 3pm. A quick motor across to cowes where we addressed the lack of log (seems they actually only wok if you put them in the water) and then a motor sail into the evening as night fell.

A couple of hours later we were nicely holed up in Portsmouth ready for an improving wind from the north east set to push us with tide down to Poole tomorrow.

A slow but welcome easing into the course today with a long busy road ahead.
Pics to come soon.


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