Southern Spain Winter 2011

Today’s post is brought to you by: itchy feet want to get out on the  So itchy was I, I’ve finished the routing for our trip south to Mercia coming up soon.

Not too many years ago, I’d have been straining to jump in the car about now heading out to the alps.  Iz really isn’t a skier and the guys I regularly skied with are off in North Africa this winter…so a bit ‘buddyless’ on that front.  Never mind.  A bit of a ride out to Southern Spain will shake off them urges for snow.

Whist not perhaps the most exciting of routes, it’s as low altitude as I think we can achieve whilst not just becoming a motorway hack.  I think day one from Bilbao to Teruel will be a bit of a bind but from experience the views are nice, however our hotel booking at the Parador that night should make up for it.

Day two will be a little more interesting with some low level passes, and a final hour along the gravel into our end destination.

Firstly though we will have to get from the north down to Portsmouth….current weather looks set to improve slightly.  At least the wind is set to drop and temps to stay up around 7-8 degrees.

I’m looking forward to a couple of nights on the Ferry on the way out.  It will be nice to just chill out with a book and a bottle of wine, again all a bit weather depending though!

More to come on the write up once we are moving and can get t’internet access.


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