Sailing, a beginners guide. By David Seidman

I bought this book in the first instance to give Iz an introduction to what I’m up to and ground her in some basics for an intro weekend we did with HSOY back in September.

Having lent her my old copy of the RYA’s Competent Crew course book, she was a bit disillusioned and really none the wiser.  She’d never sailed or been on a wind powered vessel of any sort and the terminology with no point of reference was hard to swallow.

Bought on the back of a decent review on Amazon, I didn’t really know what to expect.  What a great guide, on a lot of levels.  The language is simple and effective.  The illustrations are excellent and in themselves speak a thousand words.  As a guide from stepping onto the pontoon, through to hull and rig designs its approach is simple and clear, yet thorough.

I’ve started using it myself as a stepping off point into more in depth reading on specific subjects and it sits in my reference pile as a touch point.

What comes across regardless of the subject discussed is the authors true interest and passion for sailing.

I recommend anyone wanting to read around sailing to have a look at this book.


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